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Today is Groundhog Day. So was yesterday and the day before for Rainbowie. Rainbowie has been stuck in the same day for longer then he can remember. He must find a way to make Groundhog Day finally end, and day after arrive.
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An Alien race has developed a device capable of the destruction of planets, which looks identical to Rainbowie the Rainbow Fish. Rainbowie is now being charged by an intergalactic senate of highly intelligent space cats for the destruction of their home plant. Rainbowie must find the true creator of this planet destroying device and free his name.
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Rainbowie becomes a secret undercover spy after he takes the identity of Agent 5. Can Rainbowie defeat Dr. Julius Gills? Or with Dr. Gills finally defeat James Fish and take over the sea?
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In today's episode of the Rainbow Show, we follow Rainbowie the Rainbow Fish as he teaches us how to stand up against bullies. But will Rainbowie be able to stand up against Meanie Fish? Or will he forever be pushed around?
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Hello World,

Welcome to, your home for disappointment.

With this newly updated site, I hope that this will inspire us to create more new original content. Or maybe the same jokes in 4 Rainbow Show Episodes in a row. Either way this is post one of many, I'm sure.

Thank you,
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