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Nick Posted on February 23, 2017

Probably is

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May 13th, 2022, you know what came out? That's right, a new season of the Kids in the Hall. And also Evil Dead: The Game.
We tried the new Evil Dead game. It's like the Friday the 13th game and Dead by Daylight, except it's fun.

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We're Back 4 Blood, errr, I mean, Left 4 Dead... 2... AGAIN! Last time we changed the health spawns. This time, we did it again, but also made the weapon spawns random. Mostly. The weapon clip sizes have been reduced as well.

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Back 4 Blood, more like, Back to Playing Left 4 Dead 2 Baby.
I've created myself my own L4D2 Mutation Game Coming From Reality. Based off of the game mode Realism, Coming From Reality adds one fun little addition. First aid kits and ammo piles have been replaced with pills and defibrillators.
Do think we have what it takes? Cause I'll tell yeah we probably don't.

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